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prized possession : cigarettes


“You gotta ride the wave. Even if it goes crashing down, it’ll go scorching back up,” Tree advises, while shining with youthful innocence. Homeless for the past six months, Tree claims her new life has been surprisingly easy. She has been with her boyfriend, Graham, throughout this chapter. Clad in a beanie and sweat suit, she giggles with enthusiasm. Even when describing her disdain with others, she looks up, “I don’t want to give up. I love life,” she says. “I like my morning cigarette and coffee.” The 21 year old’s, optimism only wavers when asked about her hometown of Colorado Springs. “That place is horrible. Its boring and it’s not nice.” 


Prized Possession:  “Cigarettes or shoes? It’s my cigarettes. If I get hungry, or just bored, I’ll smoke. And then, it will just work out,” she affirms with a smile.





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