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prized possession : music


Unguarded and wide-eyed, Steven chooses to live outdoors for a few months every year. From Minnesota, and proud of his military past, he explains, “My family has money and I don’t have to be here. I want to live on the streets because I feel my music career is out here,” he explains. “It’s a bit tough but we eat really good. Then it starts snowing…”


Prized Possession: “My most prized possession is music because that’s been my life since the time of Elvis in the 1970s.” He joyfully lists his favorite genres. “I play blues, gospel, grunge.” At the mention of grunge, Steven breaks into song, serenading those around with a strong acappella rendition of a Nirvana song. His deep love of music pulsates through the sound of his screaming voice. Pure passion.

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