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prized possession : his heart


Smiley 21-year old Stephen  exudes a pureness, curiosity, and humor often hard to find on the streets. He is a fresh face to the Denver homeless scene. Hailing from Oklahoma City, he’s been homeless for a year and in Denver for four months. He knows the exact two reasons he relocated. “Number one, Colorado weed. Number two, I like nature. Look at those mountains,” he says glaring toward majestic peaks with child-like awe. Still, Steven admits the good and bad of being homeless. “To me, it (homelessness) sucks. I’m not used to it.  But its also good. There is a lot of freedom. I ain’t gotta pay no rent. I can fuck off my check and not worry about it. The bad is I hate waking up early. I’d like to wake up inside and watch TV once in awhile.” Steven is full of lighthearted jokes and intrigued by the project. Despite all the shots we capture of his hearty smile, he excitedly declares the photo of his ganja smoke cloud rising toward the capitol building to be his favorite.


Prized Possession: His Heart.  It exudes warmth. “Fuck all these clothes. I can throw them all away and get new ones tomorrow. My heart. I see people get homeless and be selfish as fuck. I share. That’s me. My heart, Real shit. Because my heart will never change.”

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