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prized possession : friends & street family


Life hasn’t been easy for Slug, a soft-spoken nineteen-year-old who has been homeless since the age of thirteen. He points to “problems at home,” as his reason for living outside. “I still talk to my parents sometimes, but I don’t stay with them,” he clarifies.“Life out here has its ups and downs just like anywhere else. You struggle sometimes. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. It balances itself out.” Along with spending time friends, Slug also busks, or street performs, on a busy pedestrian street. “People take my picture all the time when I play music, so I’m used to it,” he promises. 


Most Prized Possession: Street Family. “The friendships I’ve made and the street family I’ve gained. Because without them, who knows where I’d be now.” Slug credits his survival to his “street family”, who have found hum places to sleep, food to eat, and more importantly, have helped him “to stay off the bad drugs. We just smoke pot and drink.”

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