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Production Services


Keith is experienced in video and photography production. He thrives working with strong teams and creating proud finished products. His experience in the process from pre-production to a project's completion, gives him the knowledge to lead and facilitate successful photo and video shoots. He is efficient, easy to work with, and aims to make the work enjoyable with teams he works with or leads.




  • Overall Project Management 

  • Create shoot schedule and call sheets

  • Point person for incoming talent: communicates all the necessary information they will need to be prepared and confident for their role 

  • Set-up comfortable green room

  • Location Scouting

  • Set Design

  • Set Decor Coordinator

  • Organize team meetings

  • Organize catering for production days


Production (shoot days)

  • Producer

  • Keep production crew on schedule

  • Set Design

  • Creative Director

  • Color theory & design

  • Change Sets between shots and scenes

  • Contact person for talent : ensure they remain happy and comfortable

  • Wardrobe Assistant

  • Write Director’s notes for Editors & Post-Production during filming

  • Director of Still Photographs for Video Covers, Previews, etc.



  • Transcribe & Create Editor’s Notes for all foreseeable edits
    Content Strategy on best use of all content

  • Organize content for publishing

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