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Prized possession : cat "Boots" 


Situated with his girlfriend and his cat in the center of the park, Paul is exposed to the elements on a cold winter’s day. He is no stranger to the streets. “I’ve been homeless on and off for a long time.” With a hint of bitterness in his voice, he is grateful, he claims, to be able to share his story.  “A lot of these people pass by in there fancy cars, going to their mansions, and you look at us (the homeless), like we’re worthless. We’re human beings,” he announces. Paul moved outdoors after a bout of unemployment years ago. “It’s frustrating, because the system makes it hard to get yourself out of this.” Coming from St. Paul, Minnesota, he’s been in Denver for “some years.” 


Most Prized Possession: The two special women in his life; his partner, and Boots, his cat.“They give my life meaning and both are incredibly loyal. It’s kind of hard keeping a cat while living outside, but not too much.” Almost on cue, Boots emerges from beneath a blanket to pose for a photograph.

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