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Prized possession : Gloves & Spare Bike


A longtime member of the homeless community, Patrick avoids harping on his past, and instead chooses to appreciate the simple pleasures of his situation. “I’m happy now, I’ve got a home under the bridge,” Patrick says simply. “I build a fire for warmth.” The 53- year old Denver native sits in the sunny park, with his pipe, the sunshine, and a few friends on a cold day. “I’ve always been homeless. I did the shelter thing for a couple of years but that gets old, standing around all day waiting for a place to sleep.”


Prized Possession: His bike for leisure and his gloves for comfort. “My hands don’t like the cold. I hate the cold. I’d go somewhere warm, but they hate the homeless there. You won’t starve to death here in Denver,” he justifies. 

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