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prized possession : puppy "Mouse"


Only 20, Paige exudes an air of resilience with her head held high and her voice strong and clear. “My mom kicked me out when I was sixteen. I’ll go in between having a place and being homeless again.” She arrived in Denver just two weeks prior after a journey that took her “all the way up to Maine and down through Texas.” Her stay in the city has been positive, thanks to a local friend who introduced her to a wider social network of “really cool” people. Paige says she left Kansas City because she, “didn’t have anything left.” She spends her days socializing in the park while trying to locate places to sleep and food to eat. As for the future, Paige says she is eventually “hoping to settle down in like Oregon, but that’s probably going to be awhile.” 


Most Prized Possession: Mouse, Paige’s new puppy and friend came into her life when Paige found her “running down the street in a really bad neighborhood.” The six-week-old puppy has given her a sense of purpose she claims. “It’s the one thing I have right now. It’s nice to take care of something. She loves the shit out of me.”

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