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prized possession : his daughter


With his name boldly tattooed across his knuckles, Osage is a 54 year-old Native American from Oklahoma. A former career military man, he stands tall with pride as he shares, “I spent 26 years in the marine corps. We kill, kill, kill.” Osage has been homeless since 2006. He speaks of Denver’s Road Home, a local organization helping the homeles, and his own endeavors to improve conditions for the members of his community. “You’ll see my face on that website. A lot of my money goes to homeless outreach work. People that need there meds and don’t get them….I’m out here because I give a lot” Osage credits his military background as the basis for his longstanding commitment to service. “If you ain’t a military man, you don’t understand,” he says sternly, pointing his finger. History aside, everyone must play by the same rules out here. “When you’re homeless, you don’t fuck with people’s shit. You just don’t.” 


Prized Possession: His daughter, a 31-year old fifth generation marine. “I see her every damn day,” Osage says with a smile. “She’s only the good in me, that girl.”

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