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prized possession : knowledge, wisdom, & understanding


Mike jumps back and forth between topics, viewpoints, and epiphanies in the span of our conversation. He chooses not to share his story and claims to live only in the present. “Shit, I’m just a cool motherfucker,” he lazily drawls. “I used to feel bad, I don’t have no place to stay. I feel like the least. Then, some motherfucker told me, look at Jesus. He didn’t live nowhere. He did the same shit.”


Prized Possession: “There are three things that I value most. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding….I admire time. Throughout time, everything changes. It’s a trip. I believe in energy.” Still, he has touched the pain, loneliness, and longing, of the human experience. “Sometimes you just wait for somebody to come along and love you and care for you. It never happens though,” he says sadly. As the conversation draws to a close he gives on final reminder to love Jesus Christ.

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