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1. Golden Light Meditation : In this guided meditation, you’ll use lightwork, visualization, and subconscious techniques to program your brain to magnetize money and abundance. Connecting with the element and color of gold to clear out any money blocks, this abundance meditation replenishes your abundance mentality and magnetism.

2. Gratitude Meditation : The quickest and most effective way to create what you want, is to also feel gratitude for what you currently have. Focusing on lack and dissatisfaction, only leads to more feelings of lack and dissatisfaction. Focusing on feeling abundant, and grateful attitude for you present moment, leads to more feelings of gratitude, abundance, and enjoying your life in the present moment. This meditation guides you through a gratitude visualization and raises your abundance frequency and point of attraction.

5 Session descriptions

3. Affirmation Meditation : This meditation uses the technique of positive affirmations, in training your subconscious mind, to create real life of richness in time, money, and love. Using and repeating a simple affirmation and mantra to focus on, you create a shift in your thinking and belief, and what you attract into your life. In this meditation, you program your mind to create actual richness in your real life.

4. 3-Phase Visualization for Abundance: This meditation guides you into to visualize your abundant life in three phases. You will visualize your ideal home situation, you financial well-being, and yourself as a more abundant version of yourself. Seeing and believing your desired reality, is the first step and most powerful tool in the journey to become it. 

5. Magnetizing Abundance: Program your mind to effortlessly magnetize financial and energetic abundance into your life in this meditation session. This meditation is centered upon getting out of your own way and more in line to receive abundance into your world.

Full Program Description: The benefits of meditation are profound and have the power to improve our habitual thinking patterns and quality of our lives . A key principle in many yoga and meditation philosophies, is the idea that doing inner work, has the potential to transform your outer, material world. Using this idea to create more money and abundance in your life is effective.

For most, when we worry, or feel less than good about money, it can feel like we need to look outward to fix and improve any money problems by taking action. Of course, action is essential, but have you ever thought that maybe it’s negative thought patterns inside your mind, that prevent you from taking action? That ingrained, limiting beliefs about money that are solely in your head, are really responsible for things like procrastination, the money you want not showing up for you, or the have several healthy flows of income streams. 

Do not underestimate the power of doing inner work and improving your mindset through meditative techniques to improve your thinking on financial well-being and attract more abundance and wealth into your life in reality. Through meditation, you have the ability to go into your subconscious, and create breakthroughs that will have you thinking better about your financial life. By thinking and feeling better about the money portion of your life, you’ll begin to live in a more abundant way and your financial well-being will increase in reality to match your state of mind.

In this 5-class guided meditation series, you’ll navigate inwards, and improve your mindset around money and wealth. These breakthroughs, through these guided meditations will align you to attract more wealth into your life and transform how you feel about money and financial success. Whether you’re an experienced meditator, or have never meditated before, this program is accessible and will be lucrative for all-levels. In this cohesive program, there are 5-different meditation sessions, each with different techniques and visualizations. From these sessions, you’ll be more magnetic and attract more abundance into your life, just by improving your state of mind and quality of thinking. By practicing these different forms of meditation, you’ll have tools and a practice to come back to. These meditations will have profound benefits if even only practiced once, but they can also be more powerful if done regularly. Feel and be more financially abundant now.

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