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prized possession : cell phone


“I can’t complain, but sometimes I do. I do it just to fit in,” a well-dressed and well-spoken K.R. reveals. The 30-year old disabled veteran moved to Colorado with his former best friend after losing housing in South Dakota for using medical marijuana.  “It’s too oppressive up there. Fucking red state,” he complains.  He had never been without housing before and shortly after moved to Denver. He soon parted ways with his friend. “He got into bad drugs and pawned off my most valuable $1200 guitar. He’s now a hollow shell of the person he used to be. It’s rough,” he confesses. “It takes being homeless to figure out someone’s real values. It takes losing everything to appreciate what you really have.”  He acknowledges his current challenges. “Most of the time its worrisome thinking about where I’m going to be sleeping at night.” Still, with the encouragement of some supporting company, he is motivated and believes he can “most definitely be off the streets by the Spring.” 


Prized Possession:  His mobile phone. “It’s the only way to check in with my family and daughter. I have all my daughter’s pictures on this phone.” K.R. breaks into a wide smile as he shows the pictures of his four year-old daughter Serenity Lynn. “She’s fucking adorable. She is just a happy baby.” At the moment, his father is caring for Serenity Lynn. “She calls my dad Papa which means the world to me. He didn’t have to look after her (but he does).”

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