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prized possession : #1: penis. #2: Dog "Charli" 


Bundled into a heavy coat with a puppy cradled to his chest, Joel stretches out on a stoop seemingly unbothered by the cold or hustle of city. The twenty-eight year old has “been living on the streets for awhile,” after getting off probation in Pennsylvania and having nowhere to go. He was hesitant to elaborate on his journey to his current situation. 


Prized Possession:"My penis is my most prized possession. My second most prized possession is my dog." After informing him a portrait of him with the dog would work better for the project than his penis, he joked "it’s a little too cold for a picture of the other one anyway." Joel, and his eleven month old dog, Charli, have been “best friends and travel buddies” for the past 6 months. He was happy to pose with Charli as long as he didn’t have to get up and move. 

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