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prized possession : his relationship with jesus christ


Jeffrey, a fifty-two year old from Chicago who has been in Denver for eleven years, recently found an apartment after a year of homelessness. “I didn’t have anyone here except my ex-wife who I don’t really speak with,” he begins. Instead, he turned to the church for help. “I didn’t have a home for a year, and I didn’t have to spend a day outside. I wasn’t alone. That’s a relationship right there. I’ve been in the church my whole life.” Jeffrey enjoys a good marijuana smoke, but he avoids the heavier drugs. “I come here (to the park), to get what I want, then I go home,” he says.


Prized Possession:  Jeffrey credits everything to his relationship with Jesus Christ. “It keeps me centered. It keeps me away from all the bad out here. I’m around it, but I’m not in it.”

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