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prized possession : the voice paper he sells


“Once you are homeless, you don’t really have any worries,” James claims. “The only worries are staying clean, and warm. That’s all.…You won’t starve in Denver. There is so much free food here.” Fifty-three year old James became homeless two years ago after losing his job, which led to the loss of his apartment. Trying his best to stay positive, he does admit, “its pretty rough being homeless.” The mixed blessings of street life can lead some to become stuck in chronic homelessness, too. “A lot of people don’t want to get off the streets because you don’t have any responsibilities,” James, who recently received low-income housing, explains. 


Prized Possession: The Denver Voice newspaper. “This paper got me off the streets. Without it I can’t make no money.” After a friend told him about the opportunity to sell the papers, he’s been “doing it ever since”, and has learned the intricacies of the job. “You can’t be selling these on people’s property. You have to be careful, just like anything else. It’s also easier to sell the papers in the beginning on the month, when they come out new. By the end of the month, many people have already bought that issue.” With a grin and a farewell, James proudly hoists a stack of newspapers in his arms, hoping to attract a few more buyers.

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