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prized possession : pipe


Alabama native Country acknowledges the irony of transitioning from hero to homeless.. After returning from combat in the Iraq War, his old life seemed impossible to recapture. “I got out of the military, got tired of doing the same thing, and hitchhiked across the country a few times,” beginning three years ago he reveals. Still keen to continue exploring the United States, Country has nonetheless encountered some setbacks along the way. He found refuge with a couple in Denver during his previous visit until the husband became, “an abusive dickhead, and I pretty much kicked his ass.” After returning to Alabama, Country ended up in jail, after kicking in a front door as a result of his former fondness “for liking to drink back in the day.” He has since stopped drinking. He turns somber when recalling the lingering aftereffects of his prison stay. “My kid got taken by social services. I don’t get to see him anymore,” he mutters, the sadness in his eyes visible. He kept moving. “I came back out here. There are some good people out here. Day to day life isn’t bad out here if you know where to go.” He describes the unique paradigm of this lifestyle. “If you don’t get addicted to the drugs, this lifestyle becomes so free.” He is optimistic about the future as Country was scheduled to begin work laying concrete the day after our conversation.


Most Prized Possession: Ganja pipe. When it comes to his ganja pipe, Country avvows, “it gets me through the hard times. It helps me relax when I need to. It’s like a good woman,” he charismatically proclaims. 

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