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prized possession : his son


Fifty-one year old Ted stands at his stoop selling the Denver Voice newspaper everyday. The monthly paper is an employment initiative for Denver’s homeless population. The paper vendor receives a dollar for each paper they sell. Ted averages about ten papers per day. “It sucks,” Ted expressed with frustration about being homeless. Originally from Huma, Louisiana, unemployment found Ted without a home. “I lost my job, couldn’t pay my rent, and then I ended up out here.” Still, he is grateful for the opportunity to earn the little money that selling the Voice brings. 


Prized Possession: His son, he proclaims without hesitation. “He’s all I got. He’s a good kid.” Living only fifteen minutes away, he does speak of the sadness of not seeing his son as much as he hopes. With hope that things will get better, Ted returns to his corner on 16th Street each day, watching the masses stroll by, and doing his part by selling his newspapers.

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