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HUMANS AS ART. Keith's creative work is an intricate balance of the beauty of portrait photography blended with the unique stories. 

These projects are mediums, to connect one another to the core of what makes us individual, but more importantly, what connects us. The beauty we see, the hardships we share, the things that give our life meaning. What is shared? What is different?

Keith's love of photography was discovered at age 14 in high school. At age 22, at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, a performance art class, with his teacher Martha MacDonald, allowed Keith to combine his love of photography, with his love and fascination of people. He began to explore and create a body of work that captured humans in a unique moment, while also revealing a deeper piece of their story. Performance artist Harrell Fletcher's work has influenced Keith's creative endeavors.

Separation is an illusion, and Keith continues to create this body of work to remind us that strangers are not strangers. They are unique story-holders, each with the potential to teach us something, open our eyes with a different perspective, and deepen our ability to understand and empathize with each other.

These projects, The People are Interesting and Prized Possession all offer a range of various human experiences. Enjoy this work and remember to enjoy one another.

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